Sunday, November 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

This tutorial was written by Myrtle on November 23rd 2008
Any simularity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental
And was written in PSP 9 any verison will work

Tools Needed
Scrap Kit
Template 93
Eyecandy 4000
Mura's Meister


Template 93 by Dezignsbyali HERE

Scrap Kit Victorian Christmas HERE

Open Template 93 go to layer raster 2 click on it with magic wand
Layers raster layer fill with color white
with selections tool draw from top to half way of layer
Effects Mura's Meister cloud
Effect 100
amount 100
gain 3
contrast 0
bias 0
light 0
cubic 0
blur 0
contour 0
blend mode preset menu
reset colors 3 black checked white black white click ok
Click on layers raster 4 of template
click on frame with magic wamd
fill with color white
3 D effects bevel of choice then give drop shadow of choice
copy and paste the winter tube image as new layer
selections invert delete
Find window from kit and trim out the panes with freehand tool
resize 80 percent
copy and paste as new layer over the winter image
with deformation tool pull and stretch till all sides and top
are covered with window
then click on image frame and delete template
Do frame corners same way..
From kit find valance resize 80 percent 4 times
place on window like mine
With freehand tool trim off parts of valance hanging over window
give drop shadow of choice
Find Christmas tree in kit copy and paste as new layer
resize 80 percent
delete tree template layer
Find the chair in kit and resize 80 percent
and place in front of window
drop shadow
Click on raster 1 in template
find paper 1 from kit and with magic wand click inside raster 1
copy and paste paper as new layer
with deformation tool pull paper to edges of raster 1
give drop shadow
Find grandmas frame from kit resize 5 times 80 percent
place on raster 1 of template as new layer
Find paper 2 from kit resize 80 percent 5 times
copy and paste as new layer selections invert delete
Find your main tube of choice
I am using the artwork of Keith Garvey
to use his artwork you need a license
resize 80 percent
copy and paste as new layer
selections invert delete and pull below frame
now copy and paste same tube and place by Christmas tree
give drop shadow
Layers new raster layer fill color white
move to bottom of layer pallete
Find stocking resize 80 percent 6 times
place in front of chair and give drop shadow
Place elements of choice or use mine..
I used elements from different scrap kits
Add name and copyrights
Layers close off window,valance,red flower, chair,stocking,pingium
and merge visible rest of layers
Copy merge Animation Shop paste as new animation
Find snow animation gif from supplies
resize until fit image
paste frame until you have 10 frames
go to snow animation gif and select all frames
and back on main frames select all
now drag snow over image
View snow and it is snowing
Back to PSP and close off all layers that are open
and undo rest of layers
and copy merge Animation Shop Paste as new animation
paste until you have 10 frames
Edit select all and on other 10 frames
edit select all and on other 10 frames
drag on to main frames and line them up
with the window over the snow image
then let go of mouse
View if look ok resize and save as
Thanks for doing my tutorial
Registered with TWInc

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