Sunday, May 13, 2012

Island by Night


This tutorial was written by Myrtle
Was written on May12th 2012

Was written in PSP9
Any verison will work

Any simularity to any other tutorial 
is purely coincidental

The Ideas for this tutorial are my own 

Do not claim as your own
Link back to my website

Tools Needed 

Filters used 
Eye Candy4000
Graphics Plus Cross Shadow 
Fm Tile Tools Embossed 

Tubes of choice 
or ones in supplies 

Lets get  started 

File New Image 750X750 Pixels
Click ok
Fill with Color #2c2f40

Find Island tube Copy and Paste as new Layer
resize 80 Percent 
Layer Palette lower Opacity to 58 Percent

Find the Ship from Supplies 
Copy and Paste as New Layer
Resize 80 Percent 2 Times 
Place like mine so Ship  looks far off
Layer Palette lower Opacity 58 Percent

From your supplies find Merimaid tube
Copy and Paste as New layer
Resize 2 Times 
Place like mine
Layer Palette Lower Opacity 58 Percent

Add your Name and Copyrights
I used Gradient Glow to my name

Eye Candy4000 
Gradient Glow
Glow Width 3.00
Soft Corners 25
Overall Opacity 100
Draw Only Outside Selections Checked
Color White
Click Ok

Image Add Borders
Click Ok on Popup
Width 750
Height 750
Put 6 in all boxes
Color White 
Click Ok

Effects 3D Effects  Inner Bevel
Click ok on popup 
Bevel 2
Width 31
Smoothness 35
Depth 3
Anibence 0
Shinness 30
Angle 315
Color White
Intensty 50
Elevation 30
Click Ok

Image Add Borders
put 15 in all boxes
Click Ok
With Magic Wand  click inside 
Fill with Color #593218
Adjust Add Remove Noise Add noise
Noise 45
Check Uniform 
Check Monochome
Click Ok
Leave Selected 
Effects Graphic Plus Cross Shadow
Default Settings
Selections  Select none

Image Add Borders 
Color White  all boxes6
Effects 3D Effects  Give same Inner Bevel
Filter FM Tile Tools
Blend Emboss
Default Settings
Click ok
Do same Effects again
Save As Gif

Thanks for doing my tutorial
Hope you enjoyed doing my tutorial as much as I did
Writing it

♥♥   Myrtle  ♥♥