Sunday, November 11, 2012

Shades of Autumn


This tutorial was written by Myrtle 
Was written on Nov 11 2012

Was written in PSP 9
Any verison  will do fine

Any simularity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental

The Ideas for this tutorial are my own
Do not claim as your own
Link back to my blog

Tools Needed

Font of Choice 
EyeCandy 4000
FM Tile Tools Blend Emboss

Place texture in your PSP textures

Lets get started 
File  New Image  700 X 700 Pixels
Transparent Checked
Click Ok 
Fill with Color #c56500 

Find your texture you save to psp9 textures
go to effects Texture Effects find the texture 
you saved from supplies
click ok 
Flood fill Image with the texture
Size 100
Smoothness 0
Depth  1
Ambince 0
Shinness 0
Angle 315
Intensity 50
Elevation  30
Color White
Click Ok

Adjust  Sharpness Sharpen 2 Times
Open the tube tree Image 
Copy and paste as New Layer
With Deformation Tool pull image out some

Effets  Plugin Effects FM Tile Tools 
Blend Emboss 
on Default settings 
Click Apply  2 Times

Find the woman tube from supplies 
Copy and Paste as New Layer
Resize 80 Percent
With Crop Tool  cr
op bottom of image
like mine 
Drop shadow

Layer Palette  lower Opacity to 92
From supplies find Corner  tube
Copy and Paste as New Layer
place like mine 
Drop Shadow

Resize 80 Percent 
Dupilace  Image Mirror 
Image Flip  move behind woman tube

Add your Copyrights and Name 
I put Gradient Glow on my name

Glow Width 3.00
Soft Corners  25
Over all Opacity 100
Draw Only Outside Selections Checked
Click Ok 
Image Add Borders 4 all boxes
Color #7d6c9
Click ok

Image Add Borders 20 Pixels all boxes
With Magic Wand click in Border 
fill with Color #be6507
Add same texture to Border 2 Times

Copy and Paste Corner Piece again 
with eraser  rub off on tube like mine
Drop Shadow
Duplicate Mirror
Image add Border 4 all boxes Color # 7d6c9
Click Ok

Layer Palette Merge all 

Thanks for doing my tutorial
Hope you enjoyed doing my tutorial as much as I did writing it

♥ ♥ Myrtle ♥ ♥