Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone HERE Animation of tag. Hope everyone had a nice Christmas. Here is hoping for a great new year! *S* Tube I am using in tag is a FTU tube from a group I am in!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Merry Christmas 11

Merry Christmas 11

This tutorial was written by Myrtle
on November 29 th 2008
and was written in PSP 9 any verison will work
Any simularity to any other tutorial
is purely coincidental

Tools Needed
Winter image tube
Main tube of choice
Eyecandy 4000
Mura's Mesiter
Supplies None

Open new image 700 X 700
and fill with color white Layers new raster layer
Preset shapes 10 Background color # C20000
With preshape 10 draw out shape on the left side
with ratangle shape
selections select all selections float selections defloat
Layers new raster layer
fill with a gold pattern of choice

Effects Tramages filter tow the line
Control 0 80 Control: 1 54
Control 2: 48 Control 3: 9
apply Christmas flower tube of choice
resize until fit in center of retangle
Duplicate the flower and resize 80 percent 2 times
Duplicate and resize 80 percent 2 times
and place over center flower
Duplicate and place at bottom of retangle
with freehand tool go around big retangle inside
Selections modify expand 2
Layers new raster layer Find your winter image
copy and paste as new layer
Selections invert delete Selections select none
if winter image doesn't com to top of preshape
go to color of sky and selections tool
select part of the raster layer
and fill with your color of sky
Effects Mura's Meister clouds on default
Add Christmas tubes of choice
and main tube of choice
I am using a Terry tube give all tubes
drop shadow of choice
Add your name and copyrights
I used gradient glow on my name
Gradient glow of choice
Layers new raster layer move
above white background
layer fill with color #858253
Close off layers of tubes around the winter image
copy and merge rest of layers ..

Animation Shop
paste as a new animation
Paste frames until you have 10 frames
use a snow animation gif resize until fit image
Edit select all and on image edit select all
drag and snow over image and drop in place
and if don't cover all image do same again cover all
Back to PSP
open closed layers and close off rest layers
and copy and merge other layers
and Animation Shop paste until 10 frames
Edit select all on image frames select all
back on girl image click on frame one
and drag to the other 10 frames of image
line them up and let go of mouse
Click on animation resize to where you like
and view animation if look ok save as .

Thanks for doing my tutorial

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