Thursday, October 4, 2012


This tutorial was written by Myrtle
Was written on  Oct. 4th 2012

Was written in PSP 9
Any verison will be fine

Any Simularity to any other tutorial 
is purely coincidental

The Ideas for this tutorial are my own
Do not claim as your own 
Link back to my blog

Tools Needed
2 tubes of choice
Mask Tonya Mask 4
Eye Candy 4000
LenK Filters  Mayra

Mask Tonya Mask 4 
Tonya Mask 4 put in your psp Mask Folder

You will need a tube with only top body showing
You will need a flower tube to fit under 
the tube

Lets get started 

File New Image  600 X 700 Pixels
Raster background Checked
Click Ok

New Raster Layer 
Fill with color to match your tube
Layers Load/Save Mask
Load Mask from Disk
Source Luminace Checked
Fit to Canvas Checked
Show All Mask Checked 
Click Ok

Layers New Raster Layer 
Fill with Color # 000101
Move this Layer below Mask Layer

Effects Plugins Effects 
LenK Filters 
Go to LenK Mayra
Default  Settings
Click Ok

Add your Name and Copyrights
I used Gradient Glow on my name

EyeCandy 4000
Gradient Glow 3.00
Soft Corners 25
Overall Opacity 100
Draw Only Outside Selections Checked
Color White
Click Ok

Image Add Borders
Put 3 Pixels in all boxes
Color from your tube light color 
Symetric Checked
Click Ok

Image Add Borders 
Put 18 Pixels in all boxes 
Symetric Checked
Click Ok
With Magic Wand click in side border
Fill with darker color in your tube 
Click Ok
Effects Reflections Effects Kaladosope 
Everything set to -0-
Expect Number of Petals Put 10 
Wrap  Checked 
Click Ok

Effects 3D Effects  Inner Bevel
Bevel 2
Width 22
Depth 4
Ambence 10
Shinness 0
Color White
Angle 45
Intensity 30
Elevation 55
Click Ok
Image Add Borders  Put 3 Pixels in all boxes
Same color as before
Symetric Checked 
Click Ok

Thanks for doing my tutorial
Hope you enjoyed doing my tutorial as much as I did writing it

♥ ♥ Myrtle ♥ ♥