Thursday, October 30, 2008

Earth Babes


This tutorial was written by Myrtle on August 23rd 2008

and was written in PSP 9 any verison will work..

Any simularity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental

Tools needed

Scrap kit


Eyecandy 4000

4 tubes of choice

Scrap Kit Freebie here

called Earth

Template HERE

Open Template and open paper 8

copy and paste as new layer

Find paper earth fold copy and paste as new layer

place like mine and paste as new layer again and turn

with deformation tool like mine

and with freehand tool take out a section from upper left corner

to lower right corner delete selections select none

click on top frame of template

adjust colorzie

Hue 145

Sat 45

click ok

Find bow 3 resize on 80 percent 2 times

copy and paste as new layer..

place top corner and if need resize again

Find flower 1 copy and paste as new layer

resize 80 percent 2 times place left side of frame

Find butterfly 1 resize 2 times 80 percent

place bottom right corner

Find frame bead circle copy and paste as new layer

behind frame and give all elements drop shadow

V & H 1

opacity 55

blur 5.00

color black

Find your main tube of choice

I am using the beauiful artwork of Elias Chatzoudis HERE

this is a ptu tube and you have to have a license to use his artwork

With magic wand click inside top frame

selections modifty 4

copy and paste tube as new layer.

selections invert delete

now paste tube again over the other tube

layer pallete lower opacity to 40

and with freehand tool circle part hanging over frame delete

and put opacity back to 100

on layer pallete Template bottom 3 frame

adjust colorize same color as before

and with magic wand click inside each frame

selections modifty expand 4

copy and paste your 3 tubes as you did top frame

but not paste again..

selections invert delete

Find earth rose resize 80 percent 4 times

copy and paste as new layer and place like mine

and duplicate mirror,

Add your name and copyrights

on my name I used Gradient Glow..

Glow width 4.00

Soft corners 25

Overall Opacity 100

Draw only Outside selections checked

click ok

merge all layers flatten

Image add border 2 with color #405a71

Image add border 20 with color # 618798

click inside of border with magic wand

Effects Reflections effects Kaleidoscope with settings below

Everything on ~0~ except put petals on 10

edge mode click wrap.

click ok

Keep selected

Effects 3D effects inner Bevel with settings below

Bevel 2

width 10

Smoothness 55

Ambunce -27

Shinness 46

Intensity 31

Angle 135

Elevation 88

color white click ok

Adjust Sharpness sharpen select none..

With magic wand click inside of blue

Effects texture effects weave

gap size 2

width 4

Opacity 3

weave and gap color #000000

fill gaps checked

click ok

selections select none.

Image add border 2 color #405a71

resize and save as

Thanks for doing my tutorial

Leave a finished tag on my picture album

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~ Myrtle~

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