Sunday, November 13, 2011

Time For Winter

This tutorial was written by Myrtle
Was written on Nov.14 th 2011

Was written in PSP9
Any verison will work

Any simularity to any other tutorial is purely Coincidental
The Ideas for this tutorial are my own

Do not clain as your own
Link to my blog spot ist to do

Tools Needed

Animation Shop
Scrap kit
WSL_Mask 84
Font of Choice
1 Winter Image
Snow animation tube
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow

Scrap Kit by Fanstays Moments Time For Winter


WSL_Mask 84 by Weescotslass creations


Put WSL_Mask84 in your PSP Mask Folder

Tube of Choice
I am using artwork by Keith Garvey and to use his artwork
you will need a Lic#

The Winter Image I used is from Lamanouche


Sno tube animation gif


Font of Choice

Lets get started

File New Image 600 X 600 Pixels
Click Ok

Scrap Kit FM Time For Winter
Open Paper 2 Copy and Paste as New Layer
Resize 80 Percent
Resize all layers not checked
Click Ok

Layers Load/Save Mask
Load Mask From Disk
Find WSL_Mask 84

Source Luminance Checked
Fit To Canvas Checked
Hide All Mask Checked
Click Load
Layers Merge Group

Fill Background Layer with Color White

Scrap Kit Element 14 Copy and Paste as New Layer
Resize 85 Percent
With Magic Wand Click Inside of Frame
Selections Modifty Expand 6 Pixels
Click Ok

From the URL Misted World find Your Scenery Image
Copy and Paste as new Layer
With Mover Tool Push Image up so filled all Selections Better

Selections Invert Delete on Keyboard
move Image under Frame
Selections Select none

Scrap Kit Element 18 Copy and Paste as New Layer
Place over Ribbon on Frame
Resize 45 Percent
Drop Shadow

Scrap Kit Elem,ent 60 Copy and paste as new Layer
place over Leaf on Frame Right Side
Resize 45 Percent

Scrap Kit Element 25 Copy and Paste as New Layer
Resize 55 Percent 2 times
Drop Shadow
Image Mirror
Deformation Tool Rotate Left some
Layers Duplicate
Deformation Tool Rotate Like Mine
Merge Down Resize 65 Percent

Scrap Kit Element 32 Copy and paste as new Layer
Drop Shadow Resize 80 Percent
Place right side of Frame

Find your tube of Choice Copy and Paste as new Layer
if using same tube I am you will need Lic# to use

Add your name and copyrights
I gave my name a Gradient Glow

Eye Candy 4000

Glow Width 4.00
Soft Corners 25
Overall Opacity 100
Draw Only Outside Selections Checked
Color White
Click Ok

Ready to Animate

Layer Pallete Close all Layers Except Backgroud,Mask,Image,
name and Copyrights

On Background Layer CopyMerge
all open Layers

Animation Shop
Paste as New Animation
Paste after Currant Frame Until you have 5 Frames

Open Snow Animation
Edit Select All
On your Frames
Edit Select All
Click on the snow in Frame one of Snow animation
Place the Snow over your Image

Back in PSP
Close the Layers that are open
on Layer pallete and Unopen rest of Layers

CopyMerge Layers

Animation Shop
Paste as new Animation
Paste after Currant Frame until you have 5 Frames

Edit Select All
then click back on your Snow Frames
Edit Select All
Back on the New Animation Frames
Click Inside of Frame One and drag this over your
Image with Snow Frames
Make Sure All is Lined up with First Frames
View Animation
If Everything Looks Lined up ok Resize and Save As Gif

Thanks for doing my tutorial
hope you enjoyed doing my tutorial as much as I did writing it

♥ ♥ Myrtle ♥ ♥

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