Friday, January 14, 2011

Valentine Love 2


This tutorial was written by Myrtle
on Jan 16th 2011
Was written in PSP 9
Any verison will work

Any simularity to any other tutorial
is purely coincidental

The Ideas for this tutorial are my own

Tools Needed

Scrap Kit
Mask WSL_Mask 84
EyeCandy 4000

Animated Flame
save to your animation shop

Scrap Kit by FantrasyMoments


Mask WSLMask 84

Tube of Choice
I am using artwork from Barbara Jensen


File Open New Image
650 X 650 Pixels
Transparent Checked
Click Ok

Scrap Kit Element 74 Copy and Paste
as New Layer
Resize 80 Percent 2 Times

With Magic Wand Click Inside Frame
Selections Modifty Expand 5

Scrap Kit Paper 26
Copy and Paste as New Layer
Resize 80 Percent
Selections Invert Delete
Move Paper below Frame Leave Selected

Find your tube of choice
I am using artwork of Barbara Jensen E Package
to use her artwork you need a License# to use

Copy and Paste as New Layer
Selections Invert Delete
Selections Select None
Effects Drop Shadow of Choice

Scrap Kit Element 72
Copy and Paste a New Layer

Click on Paper behind Tube
and close tube on Layer Pallete
Paste Element as New Layer
Resize 80 Percent 2 times

With Freehand Tool go around Bow
Selections Invert Delete
Selections Select None Move Down
Drop Shadow
Layer Palette uncheck tube
Move Element up behind tube

Click on Background Layer
Scrap Kit Paper 28
Copy and Paste as New Layer

Layers Load,Save Mask
Load Mask from Disk
Find Mask WSL_Mask 84

Source Luminance Checked
Fit to Canvas Checked
Hide All Mask Checked
Click Load
Merge Group

Click on Background Layers New Raster Layer
Fill with Color White
Move to Bottom of Layer Palette

Click On Frame Drop Shadow

Scrap Kit Element 3
Copy and Paste as New Layer
Image Resize 80 Percent 3 Times
Image Rotate Free Rotate Right 90 Degrees
Click Ok
Image Flip
Place on right side of Frame
Deformation Tool Rotate until
Look like mine Drop Shadow

Scrap Kit Element 69 Candle
Copy and Paste as New Layer
Resize 70 Percent 3 Times
Image Mirror Place like mine

Scrap Kit Element 57
Copy and Paste as New Layer
Image Resize 70 Percent and 75 Percent Resize 60 Percent
Place like mine Drop Shadow

Add Text at Top Valentine Love
I used Fiolex Girls Font Size 36
Use DaFont Search for the font
Layers Convert to Raster Layer

Effects Eye Candy 4000
Gradient Glow

Glow Width 4.00
Soft Corners 25
Overall Opacity 100
Draw Only Outside Selections Checked
Click Ok
Drop Shadow

Add your name and Copyrights
Add Gradient Glow to your name
Same Settings as before

Now ready to Animate

Animation Shop
Paste as New Animation
Paste 9 more times until 10 frames

Now find your animated Flame
From the Supplies

Edit Select All on Flame
Edit on Frames Select All

Back to Flame put cusor on the Flame
Drag to Frames and line up
over the candle flame
very careful with cusor over flame let go of cusor
View Animation if look ok
Resize and Save AS Gif

Thanks for doing my tutorial
Registered with TWInc
Hope you enjoyed doing my tutorial as much
as I did writing it..

~~~~~~~ Myrtle ~~~~~~

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