Sunday, January 2, 2011

Blue Ice

This tutorial was written by Myrtle on Jan 2 nd 2011

And was written in

PSP 9 Any verison will work

Any simularity to any other tutorial is Purely Coincidental

The Ideas for this tutorial are my own Do not claim as your own

Tools Needed

Tube of Choice

Mask WSL_Mask 84

Filter Plugins Alien Skin Xenofex2 Constellation

Eyecandy 4000


Frozen_Lake tube GH Four in One Bead Border HERE

Bell Pattern HERE

Am-Bead Corners HERE

Mask WSL_Mask 84 by weescotslasscreations

Put WSL_Mask in your PSP mask Folder

Open all supplies on workspace

Tube of Choice or the one I have in the supplies FTU Tube HERE

File New Image Pixel Width 500 Pixel Height 600 Transparent

Checked Click Ok

From your tube pick a light and dark color

Click on Foreground color go to Gradient Click on Foreground/Background

Style Radial Angle94

Repeats8 Invert Checked Horizontal 50 Vertical 50 Click Ok

Fill your Image with the Gradient

Layers New Raster Layer

Fill with Color #b8cbd7

Layers Load/Save Mask WSL_Mask 84

Source Luminance Checked

Fit to Canvas Checked

Hide All Mask Checked Click

Load Merge Group

Find your tube of choice or use mine

Copy and Paste as New Raster Layer

Resize 80 Percent Give Mask Layer Drop Shadow of Choice

On Mask Layer

Effects Alien Skin Xenofex2 Constellation

Settings 2.00 1 1 1 100 75

Keep Original Image Checked

Random Seed 1

Click Ok

From Supplies find Pearl Corners

Resize 80 Percent

Copy and Paste as New Raster Layer

Layer Palette Duplicate

Mirror Duplicate Flip Duplicate Mirror

Find Bead Frame

Copy and Paste as New Raster Layer

on Outside of Corners

Add Your Name and Copyrights

use Gradient Glow on Name

Resize copyrights 80 Percent 2 times

Gradient Glow Settings

EyeCandy 4000 Glow Width 3.00

Soft Corners 25

Overall Opacity 100

Draw Only Outside Selections Checked

Click Ok

Layer Palette Merge All Flatten

Image Add Borders 4 Pixels


Click Ok

Image Add Borders Pixels 20 White

Magic Wand Click Inside

Layer Palette Click Foreground color

then Pattern

Find Bell Pattern

Angle 0 Scale 100

Click Ok

Tool Palette Click on Paint Bucket

Click Pattern

Fill Selection with Pattern

Leave Selected

Effects 3 D Effects Inner Bevel


Bevel 2

Width 2

Depth 41

Smoothness 20

Ambence 42

Shininess 53

Angle 325

Color White

Intensity 50

Elevation 21

Click Ok

Selections Select None

Image Add Border Pixels 4

Same Color as Before

Image Add Borders 3 Pixels


Click Ok

Resize and Save As

Thanks for doing my tutorial

Hope you enjoyed doing my tutorial as I did writing it

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~~~~~~ Myrtle ~~~~~~

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