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This tutorial was written by Myrtle on Jan 19th 2009
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental
And was written in PSP 9 , Any Verison will work

Tool Needed
Scrap Kit
Eye Candy 4000
Alien Skin Xenofex2

Scrap Kit Here0r HERE

Mask Vix_MaskValentine6

Gold Frame where says Supplies

Put mask in PSP mask folder

Open new canvas 600X 600 fill with color white
From the kit find paper 5 copy and paste as new layer
Find your mask Vix-mask Valentine6
layers Load/save save mask from disk Merge group and resize 115
Find your frame from supplies and copy and paste as new layer
With magic wand click inside of frame
Selections modify expand 6
Layers new raster layer gradient S N True Rose fill layer,
selections select none
Copy and paste your tube of choice
I am using artwork of Barbara Jensen P T U
do not use her artwork with out a License #
copy and paste tube pull under frame
and with freehand tool circle part of tube
hanging under frame delete
From scrap kit find Valentine pearls 2 resize 70 percent
Copy and paste on gradient layer behind your tube
duplicate mirror look at mine
Find diamond doodle3
copy and paste as new layer above mask layer
Duplicate mirror close all layers except doodle layers merge visible
Open all layers and with freehand tool circle doodle layer
hanging under frame hit delete
Find butterfly1 copy and paste as new layer resize 75 percent 2 times
With deformation tool rotate butterfly and duplicate place like mine
Find rose 1 from scrap kit copy and paste as new layer
With Freehand tool cut off stem
duplicate 3 times and put in bunch like mine
Find leaves 1 & 2 copy and paste as new layers
resize 75 percent Place like mine on roses
deformation tool rotate and resize to fit under roses
Close all layers except roses and leaves merge visible
give drop shadow resize 80 percent place at bottom of frame
Preset shapes find heart shape 1
with same gradient draw out small hearts
Effects 3D effects inner bevel
Bevel 2 Width 4 Depth 4 Smoothness 4
Ambience 8 Shininess 2 Angle 315 Intensity 35
Elvation 50 Color #C89DA9 Duplicate and place around frame
Type sayings of choice on hearts
Add your name and copyrights and text

Now to Animate

Click on mask layer got to effects Xenofex 2 Constellations with settings
2.00 -0-1-1-100-75 Random Seed
first layer 519 on mask layer Doodle layer and roses layer
Copy Merge Animation Shop Paste as new Animation
Back to PSP Edit undo Constellation on all 3 layers
Effects Xenofex 2 Constellation same settings hit Random Seed click OK
Copy Merge Animation Shop paste after current frame
Back to PSP Edit undo constellation on all 3 layers
Effects Xenofex2 Constellation same settings hit random seed
click OK for all 3 layers
Copy Merge Animation Shop paste after current frame
View Animation if look ok resize and save as
Thanks for doing my tutorial
Registered with TWInc
Would like to see a finished tag and will post on my blog

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