Sunday, June 20, 2010

Let Freedom Ring


This tutorial was written by Myrtle on June 20th 2010

Was written in PSP 9 any verison will work

Any simularity to any other tutorial
is purely coincidental

All the ideas for this tutorial is strickly all mine

Tools Needed

Tramages Plugin
Alien Skin Plugin Xenofex2
Eyecandy 4000

Mask 146 by Vixpsp scroll down to May 10th 2008
Vix Mask 141-180


Put Vix Mask 146 in your PSP Mask folder

I am using the beauiful artwork of Keith Garvey
to use this artwork you need a license #


Open new raster layer 600X600
fill with colour white

New raster layer fill with colour #3d4560

Layers Load/Save Mask find your Vixpsp Mask 146
delete mask say yes merge group

Layers new raster layer fill with colour a foreground and background
color from your tube make a gradient from the two colors

New raster kater fukk with your foreground /background gradient

Preshape tool find star 2
Antialis checked
Create as vector checked
Line style solid Width 30.00
With gradient in foreground color box you made
Draw out a star size of star in center of mask
when covered layers convert to raster layer

With Tamages Plugin filter Tow The Line


Control 0 80
Control 1 54
Control 2 48
Control 3 9
Click OK

With Magic Wand click inside of the star you just made
Selections modifty expand 6

Layers new raster layer and fill with colour #960000
Selections select none

Effects Texture effects weave

Gap Size 1
Width 6
Opacity 4
Weave colour white
Gap colour white
Fill Gaps Checked
Click Ok

Give Gradient Glow color white
Glow Width 4.00
Soft Corners 25
Overall Opacity 100
Draw Only Outside Selections Checked
Click Ok

Give same gradient glow to both stars and drop shadow

Add tube of choice
I am using artwork of Keith Garvey
To use his artwork you need a license# to use

Place tube like mine and resize 80 percent 2 times
With freehand tool trim what is hanging over star

Layers Pallette lower opacity to 50 percent
trim off bottom of tube hanging over star
Layers put opacity back to 100 percent

Write text sayings of choice
I used red and blue glitter patterns
use patterns of choice

Add your name and copyrights
I used same gradient glow on my name

Ready to animate click on mask layer
Alien Skin Xenofex2 Constellation


Star Size 2.00
Size Variation 0
Edge Star Density 1
Overall Star Density1
Overdrive 100
Twinkle Amount 75
Twinkle Rotation 45
Keep Original Image Checked
Random Seed 1
Click Ok

Copymerge Animation Shop
Paste as new Animation

Back to PSP Edit undo Constellation
Effects Xenofex2 Constellation
Click random Seed
Click Ok

Copy Merge Animation Shop
Paste After Current Frame

Back to PSP Edit undo Constellation
Effects Xenofex2 Constellation
Same settings
Click Random Seed
Click Ok

Copymerge Animation Shop
Paste after Current Frame

View Animation if look ok resize and save as gif

Thanks for doing my tutorial

Registered with TWInc

If you do my tutorials would like to see your results
and to post them on my slide show

~~~~~~ Myrtle ~~~~~