Monday, April 26, 2010

Dark In Sanity


This tutorial was written on April 26 th 2010

Was written in PSP 9 , any verison will work

Any Simularity to any other tutorial is purely Concidental

Tools Needed

Mask WSL_Mask 34

Scrap Kit by Beth

Tube of choice

Eyecandy 4000

Scrap Kit Dark in Sanity by Beth


Tube of choice I am using artwork by Zindy S.D. Nielsen


Mask WSL_Mask34


Open new image 600 X 600

Scrap kit paper 3 copy and paste as new layer

load your mask WSLMask34 merge group

Background layer fill with colour white

Scrap Kit frame copy and paste as new layer

resize 80 percent with magic wand click inside of frame and delete


with magic wand click inside of frame selections modifty expand 4

Scrap Kit paper 11 copy and paste as new layer

Selections invert delete resize paper 80 percent 6 times

move below frame selections select none

Copy and paste tube below frame resize 80 percent

Scrap Kit element fetherose1 resize 80 percent 3 times until fit

over the black featherose on frame

lower opacity until you see beads and with eraser erase all the beads

and put opacity back

Scrap Kit glitter 1 element copy and paste as new layer

move below mask layer with deformation tool pull out

on all sides

Scrap Kit element gochicgate resize 60 percent and place behind your tube

Scrap Kit laceup ribbon 2 resize 60 percent 3 times and place like mine

if you are using same tube as I am

Put text Darkinsanity where mine is put eyecandy 4000

gradient glow


Glow Width 3.00

Soft Corners 25

Overall Opacity 100

Draw Only Outside Selections checked

Add your name and copy rights

Put gradient glow on name same as before on text

Merge all layers flatten and resize

Thank you for doing my tutorial

Registered with TWInc

~~~~~ Myrtle ~~~~~

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  1. Oh Myrtle love the tag for the tut you have done. Great Job.