Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Belly Dancer

Full View Image HERE
The Belly Dancer
This tutorial was written by me
on May 28th 2009
Any simularity to any other tutorial
is purely coincidental and was written in PSP 9
any verison will work

Tools Needed
Tubes and images of choice
Template  HERE 
Open template  click on the 3 rectangles with magic wand
click each one copy your image of choice and paste into selections
give drop shadow of choice
On template  click on circle
Selections select all, Selections float defloat
Layers new raster layer and pick a color from your image
and fill layer with your color
Filter Unlimited paper textures
click on Fibrous Paper coarse
Intensity 88
Lightness 128
Place  doodle layers on templae 
Selections select all
Selections float  defloat
New raster layer and fill with a gold gradient
give drop shadow of choice
Find your main tube of choice
I am using art work of Keith Garvey
To use his artwork you will need a license number 
Copy and paste as new layer .. give drop shadow
Add your name and copyrights drop shadow on name
Layers new raster layer move to bottom of template 
Fill with color white 

Delete all template layers
merge all layers and save as
Thanks for doing my tutorial
Registered with TWInc
~~ Myrtle ~~

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