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This tutorial was written by Myrtle
0n March 2nd 2009

Any simularity to any other tutorial
is purely coincidental
and was written in PSP 9
any verison will work

Supplies HERE

Tools Needed
Scrap Kit
Mask WSL_Mask17
Tubes and images
Eyecandy 4000
Template 22
Xenofex 2

Mask WSL_Mask 17 HERE

Scrap Kit Springilicious HERE
PTU Scrap Kit

Template 22 by AquaRebel 315 HERE

Open Template 22 click inside of frame
Find your image resize 70 percent 3 times
copy and paste as new layer
Selections select none

With deformation tool pull frame out some
on both sides and pull image below frame

Find Pond resize 70 percent 4 times
copy and paste as new layer
From scrap kit find flower 24 resize 70 percent
3 times and place behind pond like mine

Duplicate mirror and if any hanging under
frame click on frame with freehand tool
draw around and delete part hanging and delete

Find the deer from scrap kit
resize 80 percent 3 times
copy and paste as new layer
place like mine behind pond
lower opacity on pond layer to 82 percent
With freehand tool go around the head of deer
delete and look at mine

Put layer opacity back to 100 percent

Add elements of choice
Click on background layer
From scrap kit find paper 27 resize 80 percent
2 times

Layers Load/Save
Load from disk
Find your WSL_Mask 17
Source Luminance checked
Fit to canvas checked
Show all mask checked

Click on Mask delete Say yes Merge Group
With deformation tool pull mask out some on all sides

From scrap kit find paper 29
Template 22 click on frame layer
Selections Select All Selections Float>Defloat
Copy and paste paper 29
Selections invert delete

3 D Effects inner bevel


Bevel 1

Width 15
Depth 9

Smothness 15
Shininess 6
Ambence -15

Angle 315

Intensity 33

Elevation 90

Color White

Click OK

Template 22
click on each rectangle layer
Selections selections select all
Selections Float >Defloat

Find paper 29 copy and paste as new layer
Selections invert delete
Do same to all rectangle layers
drop shadow of choice on all rectangle layers

Find your tube of choice
I am using artwork from Keith Garvey
To use his artwork you need a license
Resize tube 80 percent 2 times
Place bottom right corner
Give drop shadow

From scrap kit find scrappingmar 84
On Template 22 go to image layer
copy and paste as new layer
Resize 85 percent 2 times

Scrap kit find rose 73 resize 50 percent 3 times
Copy and paste as new layer
Look at mine to place roses

Add your name and copyrights
To my name I add Gradent Glow

Glow Width 3.00
Soft Corners 25
Overall Opacity 100
Draw Only Outside Selections checked
Click OK

Now ready for Animation

Xenofex2 Constellation

2.00-0-1-1-100-75 for first layer random seed 519
on scrappinmar 84 layer click ok
click on Springilcious layer same settings click ok

Copy merge Animation Shop
Paste as new Animation

Back to PSP Edit undo Constellation on both layers
Effects Xenofex2 Constellation same setting
On scrappinmar 84 layer
click Random Seed
Click Ok

Do Springilicious layer same way click ok
Copy Merge Animation Shop
Paste after current frame
Back PSP Edit undo Constellation

Effects Xenofex 2 Constellation
Do same settings on scrappingmar layer
Click Random Seed
Click OK
do Springilicious layer same way
click random seed
click ok

Copy Merge Animation Shop
Paste after current frame
View Animation if look ok resize and save as

Thanks for doing my tutorial
Registered with TWInc

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